Monday, July 28, 2014

Maternity Recap

By this time, my little one has arrived and I’ll soon be sharing pictures with you all.  Until I have time to do so, here’s my maternity recap.

Last Days Belly Pic:

Before I went in for induction, I figured I better have a few bare belly shots, so here they are at 37 weeks.  I never got a very high belly as my little one loved to cuddle and sit way down low.



Halfway Through Belly Pic:  

At this stage it looks more like a belly pooch than a baby bump… but it was definitely not my normal waistline and was growing by the day!



1st Trimester: Ity Bity Baby Bump

DSCN7517 DSCN7481 DSCN7461

DSCN7415 DSCN7333 DSCN7709

2nd Trimester: Starting to Show!

DSCN7819 DSCN7833 DSCN7878

DSCN7890 DSCN7905 3  1

3rd Trimester: Embracing the Bump

DSCN8293 DSCN8393 DSCN8410 DSCN8440

 DSCN8446 DSCN8479 DSCN8717 DSCN8700

Thanks so much for all the fabulous fashionista and mommy support throughout my journey!  Now a new journey begins!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Last Day

It feels a bit odd, but I’m actually writing and scheduling this post for a day after my little one is due to be born, so the belly you’re seeing below no longer has a baby in it!  Baby pictures to come for sure, but in the meantime, this pic was taken from my last day at work.

I didn’t know it was going to be my last day at work, but when I went in for the doctor appointment, I was told that my time in the office was up and I would be induced and meeting my little girl the coming week.  What’s random is that I had just purchased these super comfy wedges to wear in my last few weeks when my feet were sore or starting to swell – guess I could have skipped on that purchase!

DSCN8810 DSCN8812


the brands… Dress: Destination Maternity. Shoes: DSW.

Bump Date: pic taken @ 36 weeks

Friday, July 25, 2014

Home Sweet Home

I’m enjoying my last few days in a quiet home, but can’t help but be counting down the minutes until my little one is here.  Since she’s coming so early, I’ll be missing out on my final 3 weeks of preparation (and resting!), so it’s a mad dash to ensure everything is in order.  Definitely nesting!

Wardrobe this last week is staying pretty casual.  Thank goodness I’ve been lucky to be able to wear about half maternity and half regular size clothing throughout my pregnancy.  This blazer, top and jeans are all my regular clothing, but with a belly band to help at the waist.  Gotta love a belly band!

DSCN8737 DSCN8735

Bump Date: pic taken @ 36 weeks

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Feeling a little under the weather is never fun, but even more challenging with a baby in the belly!  This past weekend, I mostly took it easy, but when I did decide to head out of the house, it was in flip flops and this comfy shirt dress (Destination Maternity). Sometimes, fashion just needs to be easy and casual!


Bump Date: pic taken @ 36 weeks

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Winding Down!

Technically, I’m off work now preparing for baby this week (yep, things got a bit sped up for me), but I still have a few photos in backlog to share in the meantime.

This look was a great business casual look – another tunic type shirt (Destination Maternity), but too short to wear with leggings, so I  paired them with skinny black jeans (also Destination Maternity) and a colorful belt.

DSCN8769 DSCN8768

Bump Date: pic taken @ 36 weeks

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A little indulgence

In my final days of pregnancy, I’m trying to keep up my health as much as possible, but there are definitely stressful days when all I really want to do is lay in bed and eat Oreos.  When those moments hit, I indulge myself, but then try to make up for it a bit later with a long walk or a yummy spinach salad with baked chicken.

DSCN8752 DSCN8749


Bump Date: pic taken @ 36 weeks

Friday, July 18, 2014

Thank Goodness

I used to worry is this ASOS maternity dress would look too "pajama-like” to wear to work, but since I literally have about 8 days left in the office, I’m not really caring all that much!  Pajama or not, I’m comfortable!  I love how the silk feels against my skin and that it’s loose, but not shapeless.  Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without ASOS maternity options – affordable and adorable!

DSCN8783 DSCN8784

DSCN8782 DSCN8781

Bump Date: pic taken @ 36 weeks

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tunic Length

In my non-preggers days, I’ve actually worn this as a dress.  Clearly, it’s only workable as a tunic with my belly shortening the length!  Not a problem… any short dresses are easily made more appropriate with a good pair of leggings.

DSCN8710 DSCN8711


Bump Date: pic taken @ 35 weeks

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just Right

During pregnancy, it’s common for people to offer a lot of opinions, things such as your bump is too big, too small, whatever… For me, my little peanut is just right.  Depending on what I wear, she’s not that visible from the front, but from the side – she’s popping!

DSCN8763 DSCN8761



the brands… shoes: Jessica Simpson, dress: ASOS maternity

Bump Date: pic taken @ 35 weeks

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Business Casual

Well this jacket comes nowhere near buttoning with my blossoming baby bump, but at least it still fits otherwise, so it works well left unbuttoned.  Perfect for a business casual day.

DSCN8730 DSCN8726

Another great summer business casual look:


Floral Blazer / Strappy Heels / Jeans

Bump Date: pic taken @ 35 weeks